Happy July!  Such hot weather here (and most every else) lately!  The kids and I have been cooped up in the house more than I’d like, because doing anything outside besides lounging lazily in the small inflatable pool feels like far too much effort.  That means the kids are wild and stir crazy and driving each other (and me!!!) crazy.  I know we’ve only just begun summer…but here’s hoping the ridiculously hot weather finds a new home, far away from here, very very soon.

Know what I can do without having to worry about the heat, though?  Share freebies!  I’m like a postal worker…neither snow nor rain nor ridiculously insane heat shall keep the freebies from being posted (though, sometimes, I forget and it has nothing to do with the weather, lol).

This week’s freebie is a fun little cluster frame made with the Check Out Collab I did with Luv Ewe Designs.  I LOVE this collab – and the adorable little piggy bank is totally my favorite!  Hope YOU enjoy it, too! :)

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Tuesday Treats Freebie!

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