Tuesday Treats Freebie!

I’ve shared a few freebies with my Check Out Collab with Luv Ewe Designs lately, because that collab is awesome and adorable and totally worth sharing great freebies from.  BUT!  That is not our only collab.  We also have the Owie Collab, which I may just love a little bit MORE than the Check Out Collab.

I’m quite accident prone…so any randomly picked day in my life could mean a handful or more of random bumps, bruises and cuts (I mean, it takes talent to walk into a wall…or cut your thumb up on a cheese grater, after all, lol! *sigh*).  Hopefully you’re not as clumsy as I am, but if you are…and there are layouts to be created with your bumps and bruises and cuts?  The Owie Collab is PERFECT! :)

Click Here To Download

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